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Terms of Use & Privacy

Here are the Site Use Guidelines used in CeRI-sponsored discussions on the platform. You are welcome to reuse any of this text.

This site is a place where people can discuss important policy issues and exchange information in a thoughtful and productive way. To keep the discussion inclusive, useful, and civil, anyone who registers as a participant must agree to the Site Use Guidelines.


By registering as a participant, you agree to all of the following:

1. You are responsible for whatever you post.

2. You will not post anything (including images) that

  • libels or defames someone or violates their right to privacy

  • is obscene or otherwise inappropriate in context

  • degrades others on the basis of gender, race, class, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual preference, or disability

  • is abusive or intimidating

  • infringes someone’s copyright, trademark or other intellectual property.

3. You will not use the site to solicit money or to promote commercial products or services.

4. You will not try to interrupt the operation of the site or interfere with anyone else’s use of the site.

The [moderators/discussion managers] will redact or remove content that, in their judgment, violates any of these Guidelines. You could be banned from using the site if you do not follow the Guidelines or if you violate someone else’s rights in any other way.

You may also wish to make some assurance about personally identifiable information. Here is the Privacy Statement used in CeRI-sponsored discussions:


Comments, replies, and endorsements that you make on the site are visible information to anyone viewing the site.

We will not reveal to anyone (including government decisionmakers or other researchers) any information that makes it possible to identify you individually (e.g., email address) unless you have included this information in one of your comments or given us permission.