Sandbox Environment

Use this functionality to give users access to

  • primary documents, such as the official agency proposal. If the resources are available, key documents that you will cite in multiple posts are best presented in a format (either HTML or PDF) containing internal anchors or targets that enable you to point participants to specific sections of the relevant discussion or legal text. See an example of an official agency proposal from a discussion on RegulationRoom.
  • supporting documents, such as relevant studies or reports
  • documents from earlier phases of the process, such as interim reports and drafts
  • background documents that help participants understand the larger legal or regulatory context

The Documents page is part of the information layering strategy: Allowing easy access to significant documents for participants who want to dive deeper into some aspect. without overwhelming other participants with too much information.

SmartParticipation Manual

Step by step instructions, with screenshots, of how to add content and set functionality. The Manual is a work in progress. If anything you need for setting up the site is unclear, seems wrong, or is not covered, please contact us.

Rulemaking 2.0: Understanding and Getting Better Public Participation

Written by CeRI researchers from experience hosting online public comment in federal agency rulemaking and published by the IBM Center for the Business of Government, this guide is written for agency managers. It discusses the kinds of barriers that inhibit boarder, better public participation and discusses practices and technological approaches for lowering those barriers.

Using the Moderator Interface (pdf)

Instructions on how to use the moderator interface along with basic methodology and best-practice for moderation of site comments.