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Welcome to the SmartParticipation sandbox. Here you can learn more about the structure and functionalities of the platform, get some advice from the designers (CeRI), and actually practice setting up a discussion yourself. To see the administrative interface and practice set-ups, log in with these credentials: Username admin Password admin. (Credentials for moderator and commenter roles are also available.) Documentation on how to use the platform can be found in the SmartParticipation Manual.

Use this Summary space to give site visitors a concise, plain-language summary of what's going on and why they should participate. Remember that many visitors who arrive at the Home page will need some orientation into the purpose of the discussion and the process of which it's a part. You can use the "Learn" sliders at the top of this page to provide more details. Insert an an eye-catching graphic that can be easily associated with the topic of the discussion, then use that same graphic in Facebook and other social media to spread the word about the discussion and invite participation.

The SmartParticipation platform is designed to allow more than one phase of public commenting (for example, on important questions pre-drafting, and then on the resulting draft). You'll probably want to change the summary text as you move through different phases. For updates during a phase, use the Announcement function.

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1|Experiment with setting up & using the platform - 0

Access the administrator interface with the credentials

  • username: admin
  • password: admin

Step-by-step instructions, with screenshots, are in the SmartParticipation Manual. If you encounter error messages or other problems, contact Brian Post.

The Sandbox is set up to give in-site advice on how to use the SmartParticipation platform to get the most value from it. This advice is based on the experience of the designers in hosting public comment in live agency rulemakings and other kinds of policy discussions. See archived versions of some of these discussions on RegulationRoom and NYC SmartParticipation. For more help, see the Resources topic post.


2|Feel free to play around because of the 24-hour reset - 0

You can edit or replace all the content and reset the functionality in this Sandbox without concern: The site resets every 24 hours, reverting to its original form.

You should be aware that multiple people can play in the sandbox simultaneously -- so if you see changes that you don't think you've caused, you might want to use the commenting function to establish contact with other users.


3|Trying out Moderator and Participant roles - 0

The administrator account gives you complete access, including the ability to create test users and test moderators. One of each of these accounts already exists:


username: moderator

password: moderator

Participant user:

username: commenter

password: commenter

If you want to create more accounts, login as an administrator, select People in the topmost navigation bar, then Add user.


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